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Contract manufacturing

Precisely planned manufacturing

We manufacture complete machines according to your individual requests and requirements through contract manufacturing. Major machine builders and manufacturers trust our experience and expertise and use our production capacity through contract manufacturing. In addition to our core areas of expertise in developing and manufacturing special machinery, contract manufacturing is another key focus of our business that also benefits from our quality-focused parameters. Upon request, we can set up an entire production process based on customer specifications through a full-service model. We partner with our customers and maintain close contact with our clients in contract manufacturing. We develop machines and systems to fulfill the highest requirements in a transparent manner, working with others at eye level.

As a contract manufacturer with development expertise, we are a valued partner to our customers. We always utilize our experience and expertise in our processes – even if our contract is only for manufacturing. Our portfolio includes welding, mechanical processing, painting, assembly and complete commissioning of your system – and we are happy to support you with mechanical design as well. This allows us to quickly and easily optimize product quality whenever necessary, even optimizing economic factors during production. Contract manufacturing also offers benefits from the client’s perspective: You don’t need to maintain an expensive machine fleet or hire the necessary personnel. Outsourcing production to a contract manufacturing company solves the problem of lacking expertise or capacity, or cost and time issues, elegantly and simply.