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Designing customer projects

Targeted discussions at eye level

In addition to their undisputed professional expertise, our experienced engineers offer one thing above all: the ability to listen – and understand. Our designers support customer projects from inquiry through to completion, basing that support on design meetings held at eye level. One of our key strengths is our ability to create economical custom solutions for complex tasks across industries.

In new designs, we begin by using our full expertise and experience to understand our customers’ processes. We typically do so on site at the customer’s location. The actual design process can be handled in 2D or 3D, depending on customer requirements.

Of course, completely new developments aren’t always required. Many solutions already exist and only need to be adapted to specific applications. Customers also benefit from our design expertise if this is the case, since we take advantage of the fact that machines in many different sectors use a similar design. We are happy to pass on the benefits of such synergies to our customers. In such cases, we focus on customizing equipment down to the last detail, with the goal of designing high-performing solutions.